crochet love for your ears

So that's it.  After a hugely weird crochet and knitting block over the summer, I've picked up hook and needles again and have already got, um, three projects on the go.

Of course I'm looking for a fourth, because clearly three is not enough and I saw these earmuffs and fell in love, love, lovey, love.

They're retail items, nearly one hundred of the queens pounds!! Spluttered my tea all over the place and that was just at the sale price of fifty quid!  They might be the prettiest ear-wear I've ever seen but I'm not parting with that amount of cash just to have gorgeous ears.

Instead I think I'll make myself a Morning Walk earwarmer, been meaning to for ages anyway but I think the time is nigh.  I'm still gutted I had to give this beauty away.

Then I saw these ah.mazing earmuffs from Madrid based crochet queens Lanusa.  How. fricking. cool.

They have got so many cool designs, go and have a look at their beautiful blog right now.  I want one of each colour please.

I think 2013 might actually be the year of the earmuff. Yeah, I do.


  1. Oof! £50, say whaaaaat! I'm sure Primarni will offer a (far crappier) alternative :)

    1. Hahahahha I KNOW!!!! Crazy shit huh!

  2. Thanks for your words Emma!!! XXXXX

  3. ooooooo my ears could do with these tonight!!

  4. hello Emma...and thank you for leading me to netfix at least I know what orange is now!

    I agree these earmuffs are bootiful;the expensive ones to look at the Spanish ones to buy if I lived in Madrid or other areas of Spain where it can get very very chilly. They are useless though here in Alicante. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't go all out to find a pattern for them and have a bash at making some for various little ones in the family back in the UK. In fact not just little ones but I'd love to see my sister who drives the local school bus wearing some earmuffs like these. Now there's a thought!!

    keep well
    and lots of hugs and kisses to little one :-)

    Amanda :-)

  5. The crochet ones are gorgeous, but I could never wear them, however pretty, I must have sensitive ears or something ... give me a hat with ear flaps any day ;)

  6. What??? How much? That is ridiculous! Who buys these things at that price?! Carazy! I was hoping to make myself some manner of ear warmer this year and your "morning walk" link is just the ticket! So glad I popped by now! Have a great day my dear x

  7. Hi just wandered into your blog, loving then there muffs, followed the link and they are now half price mind still a bit pricey for me so I'm going to see if someone at my knit and natter group later might be able to come up with a pattern... bit of a newbie when it come to crochet... smiles Cass x


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